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11 Ways To Keep Your Weight Under Control

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1. Weight yourself regularly

2. Cut down on saturated fats.
Although lowering saturated fat is not magical for weight loss, it is beneficial for overall health.

3. Drink water before meals. Drinking water, especially before mealtime, helps fill you up and makes you eat less.

4. Do not skip meals. If you skip meals you may want to eat some more later.

5. Eat slowly if you want to keep the weight off

6. Plan your meals and snacks to make sure they fit into a well-balanced diet.

7. Keep notes of what you eat for it can help your weight loss.

8. Avoid carbs in processed foods.

9. You can eat all your vegetables without fear of packing on pounds, comparatively, they are low in calories.

10. Eat fatty foods you love in moderation.

11. Sleep more to lose weight faster.

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