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Why Your Muscles Cramp

A Cramp is when your muscles suddenly tighten up when you do not want them to. Cramps can happen anywhere in your body at anytime. Several things can bring cramps on. There are things that can help to manage cramps or keep them from happening.

Dehydration can be responsible for cramps. Your body is telling you that you need more water. Keep water near you and sip it through out the day, expercially when outside in hot weather. High temperatures could also cramps. When you work or exercise in the heat, cramps can occur. The water you lose when you sweat contains minerals called electrolytes. Electrolytes are made up of sodium, potassium and calcium. These minerals help the cells in your muscles perform optimally as they should.

Some medication like diuretics which help your body get rid of fluid are just of the drugs that can cause cramps. Talk to your doctor if you have regular cramps soon after you start taking anew medication.
Sometimes your cramps get worse when you walk. I could be that your muscles are not getting enough blood. This can happen with seniors or if you are not active. Some women get cramps during their periods. This happens because a woman body makes certain hormones that make the muscles of the uterus tighten up to push out blood and waste, causing cramps in the process. Usually over the counter pain relievers can help.

Kids sometimes get cramps when they go through a growth sport. It can be caused by too much activities and happen often in the legs. It may help to stretch the muscles or put a heating pad on the area for a short time.

It is important to stay active. If you do too much all at once or do what your body is not used to, you may get cramps. Pace yourself and activities. Regular exercises can make your muscles stronger and harder to tire out easily. Be sure to warm up first, and do plenty of stretching before and after.

Cramps usually go away on their own fairly quickly. You can do the following to ease the pain. If running triggers one, stop right away. Then gently stretch or massage the muscles. Use a heating pad or have a hot bath to bring blood to the area and relax it. Ice and over the counter anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen can help if you have pain or swelling.

Your diet also matter. A diet that includes fruits and vegetables have those minerals we earlier talked about. They are called electrolytes. They help you keep your muscles in healthy condition and can avoid cramps. Leafy greens and bananas are very good choices.
Most cramps aren’t serious, but if they happen often and you do not know what’s causing them, visit your doctor.

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