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Vitamins You Need as You Turn 40 Years and Beyond

As you read this please note that it is best to get your Fiber, Minerals and Vitamins
from your food. If you think you need more vitamins than you can get from your food, talk to your doctor.

As you age you can start to lose Calcium more than you can absorb. To protect your bones, especially for women after menopause, for your muscles, nerves, cells and blood vessels calcium is needed. Women over 50 and men over 70 need about 20% more calcium than other adults. You can get this mineral from milk, yogurt, and cheese.

This under appreciated micro nutrient helps with your sense of smell and taste. It fights infection and inflammation in older bodies. Zinc may also protect your vision. You can get it from beef, crabs and fortified breakfast cereals.

Potassium is needed for perfect functioning of almost everything inside your body, like your heart, kidneys, muscles and nerves. It may help against stroke and high blood pressure. You can get it from bananas, spinach, milk and yogurt.

Fiber is very important as you age. Fiber helps with poo regularity. Protects against stroke. Lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Women over 50 should get at least 21 grams a day while men need 30 grams. You can get this from stone cut oats, apples and whole grain wheat.

You can get this vitamins from leafy greens, nuts, beans and other foods. Folate help with cell growth and may protect against stroke and certain cancers.

Vitamin B 12
It helps to make blood and nerves cells. You get it naturally from animal products like meat, fish, eggs and dairy. People who eat enough of the above might get adequate B12 from their food. But with age, it becomes harder for people over 50 to absorb this vitamin from food. It can be got from B12 fortified foods like breakfast cereal and from pills.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D helps your muscles, nerves, and immune system work perfectly. Most people get Vitamin D from sunlight. As you age your body is unable to convert sun rays into Vitamin D. It is very difficult to get this vitamin from food. But fatty fish like salmon may be a good source.

Vitamin B6
Your body needs this vitamin to fight germs and to make energy. You need more B6 as you get older. Some studies found link between high B6 blood levels in seniors and better memory. But doesn’t seem to improve mental abilities in people with dementia.

It helps your body make protein and bone and helps your blood sugar stable. Older people tend to eat less of it.
You can get it from Nuts, Seeds and leafy greens.

Omega 3s
This essential fatty acids cannot be made by your body. They are great for your eyes, brain and men’s sperm cells.They could also help protect you against Alzheimers, arthritis and macular degeneration, which can cause blindness. You get this fatty acids from fish, walnuts, canola oil and flaxseed.

Selenium protects your body cells from damage and infection and keeps your thyroid in perfect condition. Also help keep your muscles in good shape. May help to prevent age related illnesses like dementia, some cancers and thyroid disease. You can get it from eating Brazil nuts moderately.

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